3D Printing & Prototyping Services

3D Printing & Prototyping Services

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Focus Product Design is one of the most experienced rapid prototyping and 3D printing companies in Silicon Valley. We solve complex product design and manufacturing challenges through 3D printing to help engineers and companies bring products to market faster.PolyJet 3D printer

Quote in an Hour - Parts the Next Day

Rush jobs and overnight 3D printing services are available. Get pricing for your project now, and learn why Focus Product Design sets the standard for 3D printing in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Whether you need a low-cost, rough prototype or high-resolution, highly accurate parts, our 3D prototypes will allow you to inexpensively communicate your design idea in a detailed, tangible way.
You'll be able to validate the look, feel and functionality of your product, while speeding through design iterations. 3D Printing and rapid prototyping technologies are frequently used at the beginning of the product development lifecycle to create prototypes or parts used to test and verify designs before actual production begins. 


A variety of materials: 

  • Rigid polycarbonate-like (clear)
  • Flexible, polypropylene-like (white) 
  • Two durometers of rubber
  • High-temperature materials


We create parts requiring:

  • Repeated flexing
  • Vibration dampening
  • Over-molded seals
  • Living hinges, and much more
Today 3D printing and rapid prototyping is used in nearly every industry and can be used to prototype everything from a children's toy to a jet engine component.