Industrial Design

Industrial Design

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Industrial Design at Focus will help your product appeal to its market. No successful product exists without attention given to aesthetic appeal, features and user-friendliness.
The Industrial Design team at Focus is a passionate crew of creative professionals who are trained to bring together disparate elements of your product and weave them into a cohesive whole that adds value and delight.
As a crucial element of your final design, Industrial Design exists in order to unite function with aesthetics, brand with purpose. Making use of Focus PDM’s Industrial Design department will make your product sing.
Services we provide:
  • Field and User Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Product Configuration Development
  • 3D Prototype Construction
  • Aesthetic Development
  • Design for Manufacturing, Service and Maintenance
  • Concept Illustration via Manual and Digital Sketching
  • Surface Modeling
  • Digital Rendering
Key industrial design work that we do:
  • Product Research and Patent History
  • Ideation and Concept Generation
  • Prototyping and Ergonomics
  • 3D Modeling and Refinement

Our Product Design Services

Product Design

Proof of Concept

Focus Product Design has mastered the Concept Generation process, nurturing clients' initial ideas and evolving these ideas into high-quality products that can be manufactured at a low cost. The product design Concept Generation phase is the most critical step in the development of a new product.

Product Architecture

In the Product Architecture stage, the Focus team defines major components and subsystems; explores manufacturing processes to be used; investigates relevant materials; and considers ideal methods for assembly.



Concept Refinement

The Refinement process consists of choosing design concepts for further development. This includes refined sketches, renderings, color studies and surface files.


FEA and CFD Analysis

Focus's engineering services include expert level Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services. These offerings are also known as virtual prototyping. Finite Element Analysis is used to thoroughly analyze a new design and refine any existing designs to get specific results.

Ideation and Product Conceptualization

Product Conceptualization


“If not done right, you risk sacrificing your product’s true sales potential.”

Product Graphics

Product Graphics may include printed or painted product artwork, product labeling, logo design and instruction manuals. Focus's team of highly skilled designers will give your new product the most effective exterior possible. What good is your product if it doesn't catch their eye?


Human Factors and Ergonomics

Human Factors and Ergonomics is the discipline of applying what is known about human capabilities and limitations to the design of products, processes, systems and work environments. It can be applied to the design of all systems with a human interface, including hardware and software.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design is the design of electronic products, machines, software applications and websites. The focus here is on the user's experience and interaction, and the goal is to make the user's interaction as simple and efficient as possible. This may be achieved with graphics, balancing functionality and visual elements.