Plastic Enclosures

Plastic Enclosures

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A plastic enclosure is used to house internal systems, add structure and improve appearance of a product. Plastic's features include light weight, very low conductivity, and flexible design capability. Plastic enclosures of standard sizes can be purchased from distributers for assembly. If your product has unique specifications not available from enclosure distributors, you will need to design and manufacture your enclosure from scratch. This is where Focus comes in. 

Working from a surface file or a simple hand sketch provided by an industrial designer, we design custom plastic enclosures and boxes, including those developed from complex surfaces to a simple black box. We will design for advanced surface modeling, challenging EMI solutions, and complex joints. Fortunately, tooling for a custom enclosure can be justified when producing as little as 500 to 1,000 pieces, depending on part size and geometry. 

The Benefits of Plastics 

Plastic's properties make it ideal material for certain applications. Firstly, they're relatively cheap.

Second, plastic is an ideal material in situations requiring electrical resistance. This means plastic is best in situations near water or where shorting is a concern.

Plastic's durability eliminates the need to finish final materials with a protective coating, such as one would with corrosive metals.

Finally, plastic is lightweight, making is less expensive to ship and relieve weight concerns.