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Concept Generation

At Focus PDM, Concept Generation begins with cross team collaboration to exchange ideas and visualize your product concept. We call this ideation: a constructive method of brainstorming that is based on your project’s requirements and design needs. Concept iterations are created by the design team and refined from your feedback to form your concept sketches.

How do we drive creativity and innovation for your new product?

We use the term “sketch,” but the end product of the Concept Generation stage is far more than a drawing. It is the brainchild of experienced engineers and designers and encapsulates not only aesthetics, but also function, usability, materials and product system structure. Your concept sketches are the result of numerous iterations and revisions to correctly represent the foundation for your product.

Throughout this process, our team explores design choices, resolves issues of feasibility and incorporates your ongoing feedback. When a final design is chosen, the concept is then ready to be adapted into 3D CAD.

Watch the video below to learn how concept generation drives creativity and innovation. 

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"I am extremely excited and happy with the work. It felt great to work with this team, it felt natural and I think we played off all the designs well to come up with a tremendous product. We may have literally created the shoe of the future. I feel this team understood the vision to the fullest and respected my starting designs. A great effort by Focus! I'm pleased with the service I received and I am extremely excited and eager to move forward!" Shareef Ahmed, Technique NYC.