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Electrical Engineering

When it comes to new products, most companies – even the best in the world – eventually run into an electrical engineering problem that they can’t solve or for which they’ve run out of internal resources.  This is because having a technical solution to a problem isn’t enough, because the solution may be too complex or too costly to bring their product to market.

Our Electrical Engineering expertise isn’t just about engineering. From building a protoboard to applying DFM to manufacturability, it’s about Products Designed To Market. This means making sure that the solution doesn’t just work, but that it gives you a highly marketable product in the real world. 

The most common EE challenges we solve on-time and on-budget involve these areas:

  • Design: PCB Layout, PCB Design, Power Design, Analog Design, Digital Design, Systems-on-a-Chip
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Wearables, Wireless & Bluetooth Engineering, RF Design, Wireless Design. Cloud-Based Devices
  • DSP: Signal Integrity Analysis, DSP Algorithm Development
  • Power Management: Power Consumption, Thermal Regulation, Battery Capacity and Utilization

…with these types of products:

  • Complex wireless systems
  • LED wearable devices
  • Medical applications
  • Embedded systems
  • Consumer electronics
  • Commercial products, including ones with proprietary technologies and non-standard interfaces
  • PoC, circuit design, schematic layout, build protoboard, look at DFM for manufacturing. IoT, wearables, the cloud – hot items. Power Management.

Watch how we can successfully engineer your product.


However urgent or complex your electrical engineering challenges, just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch quickly to start solving them.

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We needed a firm to guide our vision through the process of industrial design and complex electrical engineering and construct a working prototype that was fully manufacturable. We partnered with Focus because they not only had the necessary technical experience to develop a precise dispensing device, they also had the vital skills and relationships to take our product all the way through manufacturing

- Andreas Kunz, Naples Medical Devices