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Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Our team of industrial designers provide innovative design concepts based on your requirements and unique vision. We aren’t afraid to push boundaries and explore new directions resulting in products that will generate excitement and stand out in the marketplace.

Working at the crossroads of product, user, and environment, our Industrial Designers have extensive experience creating and refining products that are aesthetic, innovative and practical. In close collaboration with Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, our industrial designers bring their conceptual and technical knowledge to all aspects of the product design process, from brainstorming, to market research, to sketching, to making models. All of these exercises are used to design for usability, functionality, ergonomics, user experience and more.

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Focus PDM attracts Industrial Designers with world-class educational and experiential backgrounds to be a part of your project team. 

Watch the video below to learn how we bring your idea to life with industrial design. 

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We needed a firm to guide our vision through the process of industrial design and complex electrical engineering, and to construct a working prototype that was fully manufacturable. We partnered with Focus because they not only had the necessary technical experience to develop a precise dispensing device, they also had the vital skills and relationships to take our product all the way through manufacturing.” 
- Andreas Kunz, Naples Medical Devices